Meet Desi

Desi has been a professional photographer for nearly 20 years. His combination of a unique vision and audacious imagery has become a sought-after commodity; as his works have been featured on the covers and editorial pages of both national and international publications.  His portfolio includes diverse models from modeling agencies from around the globe.


One may notice that Desi has an “eye” for the beauty in movement – the way the arms and legs move, the slight gesture or glance, the way certain movements change the entire landscape of the body.  This can be attributed to his training as a professional dancer.  Trained under the direction of Cynthia Quintela, Barry Lather, and Wade Robeson, to name a few;  Desi landed compelling roles in major stage, television, and video productions.  He later became a choreographer and director for Paramount and Cedar Fair Productions.


As if his visual and physical talents are not enough, Desi is also a recording artist.  He has collaborated with producers such as Deron Reed, Bruno Kauffmann, Todd Tackett, Jerem A & AJ Orbit; with growing success in international markets.


Desi’s vision for Zedneram Imagery captures the mind, as well as the eye:  to provide ALL people – artistic, powerful, vibrant, and colorful, alike – with opportunities in popular media.  In his eyes, there is beauty in everything and everyone.


We at Zedneram celebrate diversity. We promote beautiful, positive and inspiring images of ALL people of color, including, but not limited to, African (American), Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern and Native American ethnicities.